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Our Special International Guests from USA

Summer Solstice Retreat

Four Day Tickets  - Thursday 22nd -Sunday 25th June 2023

Weekend Tickets  -  Saturday 24th -Sunday 25th June 2023

The Circle is Calling to All who Hear … Now is the Time for Balance … Do You Hear the Call?

Simply Divine Wellbeing CIC is thankful and honored to invite to our communities a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for people to discover the Ancient Wisdom and Navajo Teachings with Navajo Chief Leonard Anthony & Iris Anthony

We invite you to join us as we honour the circle of life at this four day healing medicine retreat with one of the world’s profound medicine men and traditional Navajo Leader Chief Leonard, accompanied with his wife Iris Anthony bringing to us ancient teachings and wisdom to help us in these challenging times. This is a rare opportunity to receive profound self-realignment to strengthen your prayers and rebuild inner faith and trust in your journey, by bringing mental, emotional and spiritual order within.

As you embark on this insightful journey by stepping into the circle, you will receive a rich tapestry of ancient healing medicine, knowledge, wisdom and teachings to help you bring balance to yourself and your family, as you explore community, traditional healing and women and men teaching circles.

Chief Leonard Anthony is a descendant from the Diiwhozbito community, born and raised in Flagstaff Arizona in the mid-1950s, relocating to the small community of Greasewood Springs Arizona in the early 1960s. At an early age Chief Leonard was taught to speak the Navajo language from his parents and his maternal and paternal grandparents, to him this connection of the culture and language foundational principles was planted.

By listening to the Dine language, he learned to understand and speak the language in the most profound way and this became one of his survival tools. As he also had to learn the American English language to survive in western society, Chief Leonard speaks both languages fluently, and is called on as a consultant for traditional philosophers, scholars, knowledgeable cultural educators and practitioners. Chief Leonard is also a land keeper, respected rancher and sheep herder after being taught early in his childhood many important values on survival skills to become independent. He believes that the connection we can all develop with Father Sky and Mother Earth is important and necessary to learn about for one’s own character development.

A traditional Sundancer for more than 35 years, Chief Leonard has vast experience working with Grandfather Fire and the Water of Life to bring about deep transformational healing, especially within his traditional Inipi (sweatlodge) ceremonies.

Traditionally trained by his father to be of service across communities, Chief Leonard has witnessed many transformational healing journeys as individuals choose to step forward on their healing path. With deep gratitude, we are delighted Chief Leonard will be opening spaces for a limited number of one-to-one healing sessions for those who wish to deepen their healing journey.  

(Please let us know if you would like a one-to-one session when you make your booking, as we can only provide this rare opportunity for a limited number of people, thank you).

 Iris Anthony brings us beautiful wisdom and teachings from her descendants and rich life of service. Raised in a small community called Mexican Water in Arizona, Iris was taught by her Mother and Grandmothers to seek traditional help for a family member in need, and is deeply grounded in Navajo traditional healing ceremonies. In service for over 35 years, Iris is a traditional Sundancer with true faith (knowing) in the power of prayer, and has been a carrier of the Water of Life for Chief Leonard Crowdog Senior (who is now with Spirit) the Sundance Chief at Crowdog Paradise.

Iris is also a licensed counsellor, specialising in drug and alcohol addiction. Working with families and supporting mental health in her professional approach and practice, she also draws on her vast breadth of skills and experience to implement beautiful healing circles and change in the world.

Weekend Gathers only

Those that are attending our weekend gathering 

from 24th -25th June 2023

Participants are warmly welcome to arrive on Friday evening between 6- 8pm with small camping exchange of £20 

Those arriving Saturday morning gates will be open from 8am-9am to set up your tent 

Please note we will be starting with Chief Leonard and Iris at 10am prompt.

All details will be sent to you two weeks before retreat 

We all look forward in seeing you soon