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Turtle Lodge 2018

Truly beautiful ladies and so humbliThe reason that we decided that we... had to have Firewalking with Diane Gower as part of the workshop was after I myself did one of Diane's coaching and firewalk sessions last year.

Now I've done A LOT of self-development and self-growth work over the last few years but this was SOMETHING ELSE. I honestly did not know how much latent fear I had hidden under the surface until I confronted myself with something that your mind (ego) is screaming at you to run away from. I thought I'd dealt with most of that crap - but no, there it still was - hidden. After all I had spent over a decade ill with chronic pain - the fear of pain I had was immense. It shook me - 

literally - but I was no longer prepared to be under its control (did any of it hurt - no genuinely it did not, pain is truly all in the mind!!)

The extent of the release I had from Diane's challenges and mindset coaching was HUGE. It propelled me forward and empowered me in a way that not only accelerated immediate life changes - but gifted me empowered self-belief, self-trust, self-worth and self-love.

The fire made me a phoenix. ng to see them push through so many fears