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 Celtic Hogmanay Firewalk  


  Saturday 31st December 7pm  -  Finishes 12.30am.

After a challenging few year to many, we are inviting you to one of our most uplifting, healing, empowering and awakening events of the year.   

Where we as a community will be  coming together to support each other as you Firewalking to the sound of breath taken Celtic bagpipes.

Simply Divine Wellbeing C.I.C supporting local communities - 2023

Raising much needed funds for men, woman and young people 

 who are currently suffering with mental health.


This is NOT something you should try at home. Diane Gower is a Certified Firewalking Instructor, where she and the Simply Divine team take every step to ensure your and others safety.

Brief Outline 

Firewalking is an ancient tradition used across all continents and while it has lessened  in some countries, it is still a living tradition in many.  Since 1970’s it  become more accessible in Western Culture and there are Firewalk Instructors in most countries on the planet .

 Including  Diane Gower, Celtic Firewalking Instructor trained by the linage of Tolly Burkin and Peggy Dylan (Pioneers of Global Firewalking) 

This ancient method  is used all over the world to help people overcome limiting beliefs that prevents them from using their full potential and free people from their unnecessary fears.  Therefore why not join the estimated 5 – 6 million people who have Firewalked and take this opportunity to experience the  wisdom and personal development that can comes from Firewalking.


WHY not join our Firewalking Charity Angel as this is a truly valuable opportunity for you to raise funds, for whichever cause you support. Please aim to raise between £50- £80 for your chosen charity, but we're confident you'll find it easy to get even more, once you start asking.

Interested please contact us direct in the first instance 

Whilst it's not compulsory, we would encourage you to 'dress for the occasion'... think Fairy Wings, Halo … sorry no white tights….

Remember this is great advertisement for your charity or organization so why not wear something unique or T shirts with your logo on.

Diane guarantees that everyone will get something unique and treasured for themselves. You will learn about yourself, build bonds with new friends and colleagues who accompany you , most importantly  it gives you a day to remember that strengthens far beyond your Firewalk......