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Weaving the powerful medicine within

15th, 16th October 2022 



A truly powerful experiential weekend retreat for Men and Woman 

Our focus will be on Mind, Body Spiritual growth and grounding through  Medicine of the Earth 

There is no other animal that has given man the freedom of mobility like the horse. Celtic tradition holds the horse goddess as having power over life – the cycle of birth – death – afterlife – and rebirth. Therefore having horse medicine provides the means to mentally prepare us with all these stages. Doing so helps us discover true spiritual power – that we are immortal souls using the body as a vehicle temporarily.

In the Celtic tradition Horse is also associated with the power of the land itself.

When the horse came into native peoples lives and was domesticated the distance of journeys was shortened, travel and hunting was made easier. The horse enabled Natives to move their villages quickly, carrying them and their belongings to new territory and the challenges awaiting them there. They were given a new found freedom. Horses helped turn Native tribes into the powerful mounted warriors and nomads they became, although taming the horse wasn’t easy, as their spirit for freedom was a fire burning within them. The People were able to discover places further afield, and not just stay close to home. Also, visiting far away clans strengthened communication and relationships. Therefore, horse is connected to sincere, meaningful relationships and valuing what our spiritual paths hold for us. This influences Native Americans customs to view Horse as the symbol of True Power, which comes when opening up to others with compassion and love, sharing their gifts with their communities.

Power is an energy which can be used on many levels. It is our servant and should not be used in a negative fashion, abused, wasted or kept to ourselves. By sharing our power with others and showing them how to develop their power and make it flourish, speeds up our journey and makes it more joyful.

At the ego level power may be used for personal gain, with complete disregard of others needs. At worst it may be used at the cost of others. As there are misuses of power to be seen and found all around us, those on the spiritual path frequently have negative emotions toward it. But being powerless is not the answer here. One must learn to use power correctly.

 This is an important lesson to learn and horse is a powerful teacher.

Horses are also known as symbols of Freedom. Throughout history, the horse enabled people to explore, step out, and find freedom from their everyday life.

With the horse you will:  re-discover the true meaning of life and more importantly not misuse this power so that you may serve the whole in a loving compassionate way .

Interested book your place NOW as places will be limited for this weekend

What some of our beautiful guests are saying 

Review: 5* -

I was definitely being prepared for Diane’s work, for a few days, before arriving on the land. There were so many signs and synchronicities in those days before, letting me know that no matter what, I needed to go. Feelings, thoughts and behaviours that I wanted to change were all coming up to be seen. I was very apprehensive on arriving, as I knew it was going to be far from easy, but I knew i had to persist. I learnt so much in just a few hours and on leaving I felt bright and sparkly, with a true sense of authenticity. Thank you Diane. See you next time. 

(I’m happy for you to use my name.)

                                      Ianthe- Marie 16th October 2022 - Thankyou Simply Divine Team

Diane is a down to earth no nonsense teacher, what you see is what you get. I have had the pleasure of meeting Diane twice and each time I came away feeling lighter and brighter and more positive.

Thank you Diane

Will 🙏