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      ONLY £65-   Camping on site is free (camper vans allowed)

Food is Community Share 

All details about your weekend will be sent one week prior to attending.

 As this is Mental Health Week  we are  FUNDRAISING and by joining us, you are supporting future Capture A Moment retreats for individuals in our communities, who have gone through or currently struggling with their mental health & wellbeing.

The Walking in Beauty Sisters thankyou in advance 

"Life is Beautiful"

Mind Body & Spiritual Wellness Retreat 

    10am Saturday 13th - 1pm Sunday 14th May

Hosted in our magical large Ceremony Tipis for men and woman 

Join us for our first of many wellness weekend and as you step forward you will embark on a journey  like no other . This retreat  gives you  opportunity to sit in circle and experience some of the magic of lifes gems 


Mother Earth Purification Lodge

Shamanic Soul Voyage

Shamanic Journeying

Elder Wisdom of Words

Grandmother Whispers Flute & Drumming


Hearts in Unison Crystals Connection 

Nu Wave Breathwork

Chanting & Body Work

Sacred Art Story Telling

Hara Healing & Belly Dancing

Pu-ta Laughter Yoga 

Ecstatic Tribal Wolf Dance