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Diane makes the most beautiful drums and it was a honour to play hers during a week ceremony, that filled the hearts of many"

Brooke Medicine Eagle , USA


Intuitive Drum Making Workshops


Come along and make your own personal drum intuitively ,for your own personal use or as medicine tool for others or in ceremony.

During this beautiful day with us, you will also make your own FREE drum tool

Learn how to become in-tune and sing with your drum.

Learn how to work with the spirit of your drum.

Learn how to journey with your drum.

Learn how to take care of your drum     

Drum making sessions are based on- Individually/Twos/Small groups of 6 - 8 venue will depend on size of groups however will be in Rutland or Diane Comes to your venue.

Make your own personal drum workshop

16 inch Deer- £ 160.00 day workshop

16 inch Stag - £160.00 day workshop

16 inch Horse - £180.00- day workshop

Before choosing your hide and hoop frame, please see below and THEN be guided.


Deer represents – Gentleness – Caring, Sensitivity, Gracefulness, Beauty, Innocence and Keen Observer.

Stag (Large Male Deer) represents- Lord of the Forest, Masculine, Power of Regeneration.

Horse represents –Power, Freedom, Stamina, Land Traveller, Freedom


Ash – The goddess tree, healing of aloneness – Links spirit to humans.

Universal truth, Cosmic Wisdom, Important role is wisdom.

  • Oak – Cosmic, Store of Wisdom, Life Strength, Nobility, Family, Loyal, Power, Longevity, Honor

 Ethical Boundaries

None of the hides used are killed for the purpose of the drum. The hides are all from a reliable source and wild culled deer, stag with the horses previously being privately owned.

As we so often see animals are left and discarded. I therefore decided along with so many others for centuries to honour the spirit of such animal by renewing and re-birthing the hides into beautiful drums. This allowing us, to work with the spirit as a gift and turn it into medicine tool, which will be loved, cared for and honoured in our individual work or as part of classes, workshops, ceremonies.

Hoops for our drums

With everything being spirit, we also respectively honour the hoops of the trees. Therefore those who are wishing to source a drum directly or during our drumming workshop, honour the animal and tree spirits and use it accordingly

with respect as a cycle of life.

 Drumming research

Drumming alters the state of the brain and body by doing 4 beats per second and test have showed the brain becomes synchronized with drumming.

 Research also showed that the drumming of 4 beats per second produced calming anxiety and relieving depression and tension.

It seems to have shown that while drumming it jams the brain circuit and in that state of being we find our mind and body naturally gravitates towards feeling of harmony wellbeing and health.

Drumming also has shown that psychological effects to the brain have psychological, cognitive, physical and total wellbeing can be improved.

It has also shown that changes in the saliva has an effect in antibodies found in the skin, blood and gut- which is one of the agents that the human body uses to fight infection by bacteria viruses and fungi infections.

Clients who were surveyed a year later showed remarkable rates of cold and respiratory infections even though they hadn’t been told of the role in the human immune system.