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 Ancestors and Family Constellation


25th February 2023

10am -7pm 

Lunch Share 

Truly humbling day as we honour our ancestors

After 20 years' experience of working as a Child and Family Therapist, Diane recognized historical traumas influenced people's life journeys and potential could impacts many generations to come. In her work she started to weave her learning and incorporate teachings from other indigenous cultures (London & USA) so that healing and transformation can take place for the ancestors, individuals, their families that clear the way for future generations 

Today, people around the world are becoming more enlightened and are recognizing we are connected and wish to explore who they truly are (think about all the Ancestor DNA testing's that is going on in the world) This interest can come from a knowing, un-earth things they have come across, or heard within family dynamics even at times, situations they wish could stayed buried. Family Constellations explores family systems that may help not only answer questions, but also can offer significant healing to the self, their family and clear the way for your next 7 generations to come.

This honorable day and rapidly emerging approach show how the focus on our ancestors' lives can stimulate positive change for

many seemingly insoluble problems. This is a highly intuitive day and not a talk therapy, but a way to explore unconscious family dynamics in the context of a body-based experience. In our mind we are disconnected from the spirits of our ancestors. However, many cultures from around the world historically cultivated relationships with their well ancestors as sources of healing, protection, and guidance. They worked together with their wise and loving ancestors to help the troubled passing's in their bloodlines to heal. But we’ve lost touch with our vital connection to the very ones who can help us transform our lineages, repair old wounds, and embody our deepest gifts.

"By honoring our ancestors as our sacred, evolutionary partners, we can heal ourselves AND the planet. In fact, your ancestors can be “your wise allies,” in the words of shamanic teacher Sandra Ingerman. Ancestral repair can improve your relationships, revitalize your spirit, catalyze the cultural shifts our planet so desperately needs, and awaken your consciousness to new realities. And through its connection with epigenetics, you can even change your genetic heritage".