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Linda Bedford

September 1 at 3:31 PM ·

Amazing weekend with awesome people....such an honour to learn from chief standing cloud and Diane Molloy Gower, so much gratitude to both xx

Last night I finished two days of an incredible spiritual journey. This journey began a year ago and has taken 12months to complete. Words cannot describe my overwhelming happiness and peace for the blessing of sharing this with Diane Molloy Gower, Chief Standing Cloud and all the beautiful souls on the retreat. As I drove out of the retreat my direction was toward the beautiful sunset. My heart is full💕

Loren Whittington Such a blessing to meet such a beautiful soul who has touched so many hearts with his wisdom and presence. To be with special wonderful people in this sacred land at this sacred time. I will hold you all in my heart. Thank you to Diane who has helped me see a new dimension. 🙏

Toni Dring Amazing experience with everyone involved. Beautiful ceremony ❤️❤️🌈

Janice C-Brough Beyond words ... humbled by the strength, courage and healing I experienced with you all. Thank you Diane Molloy Gower for this. You are all in my prayers. 💚🙏💚

Diane I can’t get you and chief out of my mind I hope yous are all well 💞 after thevgifts you both shared with us all I am in awe of you both your strength love And compassion is beyond words I feel so much love for yous both and As Jason called us the magnificent 7

Beyond words.... We in the UK are equally touched and blessed by this humble man. Chief Standing Cloud generosity in serving others is truly humbling and I'm so ...proud to call him my teacher.

Over 2,000 prayers ties were made, for individuals their families, communities and may the prayers flow around the 🌍 to each and everyone one of you.

Last year's event we raised funds that allowed us to purchase stationary, for children of all ages at the Give Away Ceromony, at this year Sundance in South Dakota USA.

Much love and many blessings to all who attended and thankyou to everyone who supported this part of our journey.